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About us

Our Vision

At Iqra Read Book Storewe believe our business can make a difference. We hope that we inspire people by spreading knowledge and help build a better future.

 Our Values

One of the first commands of Our Almighty Creator Allah to Our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) was to "Read". And we named our bookstore with this intent behind it. Iqra Read Bookstore provides variety of books categories that appeal to our customer preferences. We are aware that our readers have different taste and we believe in personalized service. We understand our customers and their unique needs, we have optimized our search engine and provide 'Request Book' option to help our customers better.


Iqra Read Book Store aims to be a trusted brand in the books community by providing the best quality at affordable prices. We aim at creating an Online bookstore which is easy and user friendly. Iqra Read Bookstore aims at promoting a cultural reading movement in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. We allow our members to participate in our Book Club meets, Book Signings and much more.

Our Commitment to

Our Customers - Provide the best standards of customer service
Our Products - Offer the widest range of best quality products
Our Team - Be the best workplace that offers good work life balance.
Our Partners - Have a mutually beneficial relationship which helps the growth and welfare of the company and partners
Our Community - By encouraging people to perceive knowledge and making it accessible